Live online classes

Students can take classes from anywhere. All live classes are recorded and made available.

Learning Materials

Summary videos, Mind Maps, Audio classes, tests series with answers & explanation.

Affordable Fee

Our courses starts from just 14999/-


For smart and ingenious aspirants, SmartIQ is the best place to start UPSC exam preparation. Also, with the help of state of the art technology, we develop unique methodologies to make learning an enjoyable experience!!  

Our classes are conducted by  the best teachers of India with utmost precision to ensure crystal clear understanding. They are long enough to cover all the aspects of syllabus and short enough to be covered and revised well in time. Feel free to have a look at some of our sample videos.


What will you learn

Personalized Study Plan

Get a day by day study plan which goes into the detailing of the preparation, rather than giving general ideas.

Real Time Doubt Solving

The mentor will be available for doubt solving. He/She will solve your doubts giving you clarity of concepts

Modulewise Tests

The mentor will assign you tests after you finish a module. Evaluation and feedback is very important in UPSC Preparation

Summary Videos & Mind Maps

Get summary videos & mind maps which helps to revise in shortest time.

Business & Finance

The mentor will constantly motivate you in your UPSC preparation journey, keeping you at the edge of your toes.


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