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Jan 21, 2019 - May 31, 2019


SmartIQ offers online courses for civil service aspirants who wish to clear the 2019 UPSC exam. Our online courses will be like a solution for those students who cannot afford hefty amount to coaching classes. Also, our mentors have the expertise of producing the best results in UPSC exam, through which aspirants can join the esteemed IAS, IPS, IFS and other government services like Indian Forest Service (IFoS).


  • Provide customized training for every aspirant through digitized learning environment.
  • Every training sessions are recorded and made available for offline views.
  • Provide a regular update on each aspirant’s performance & progress.
  • Implement state of the art technology to improve overall performance of every student.
  • Conduct regular online tests/assignments to track the progress
  • Provide study materials prepared by a team of experienced professors, researchers and subject experts.
  • Aspirants can download our model test papers for the preparation of the exam
  • Doubt Removal sessions with subject experts

Syllabus Covered

General Studies

General Studies extensive Onlne Live classess helping you cover complete UPSC syllabus of    GS I,  GS II, GS III and GS IV in an effective and interactive manner. The live online covers both Prelims and Mains syllabus.

GS 1
Online sessions comver  Ancient, Medieval and Modern,
Geography: Physical, Indian, World and Human, Society: Social issues related to women and other marginalised sections of society, Globalisation and Urbanisation.

GS 2 
In this segment we have extensively covered Governance, Constitution and Polity,
Social Justice – Issues related to health, education and poverty, International Relations:
India and the World. The Onlne Live classess are made keeping the dynamic nature of this paper

GS 3
This section covers the part of Economy : Indian Economy, Government Planning,
Infrastructure and Investment Models, Agriculture: Patterns and issues, Food Processing,
Science and Technology, Environment and Ecology, Disaster Management and Internal Security

GS 4
Section covers attitude and approach to issues relating to integrity, probity in public life and his problem solving approach to various issues and conflicts faced by him in dealing with society. Case studies on various issues have also been integrated

Current Affairs

1 hour of current affairs videos added every day covering all the important topics which saves your in reading & memorising several newspapers and magazines.


Exhaustive coverage of Comprehension, Communication Skills, Logical Reasoning,
Analytical Ability, Basic Numeracy and General Mental Ability

Regular Performance check with Mock Tests

Keep a track of your preparation with a regular test series of UPSC standard.

  • Check point questions after every Onlne Live classess
  • Module wise tests to check your progress regularly
  • Full tests consisting of GS + Current Affairs for exam like feel

Prelims Test Series: (30 mock tests)
Mains Test Series: (16 tests, 4 of each GS Paper)

 Learning Outcomes

  • Live online lectures for GS, current affairs of July 2018 to June 2019 and CSAT.
  • Complete coverage of the syllabus for UPSC pre and mains.
  • Detailed day by day study plan.
  • Regular practise tests and mock tests.
  • Personalized guidance for interview preparation.
  • Access of recorded classes on website, android app.
  • Practise tests and mocks tests for prelims.
  • Valid till mains exam of 2019.


Section 1Polity
Lecture 1Introduction to Indian Polity

Introduction to Indian Polity

Part 1

Part 2

Lecture 2Preamble of the INDIAN CONSTITUTION
Lecture 3Historical background of indian constitution
Lecture 4Making of the Indian Constitution
Lecture 5Union & Its Territories
Lecture 6Citizenship Of India
Lecture 7Fundamental Rights Part I
Lecture 8Fundamental Rights Part II
Lecture 9Directive Principles of State Policy
Lecture 10Fundamental Duties
Lecture 11Amendments of the Constitution
Lecture 12Parlimentory and Federal System
Lecture 13Center State Relations
Lecture 14Emergency Provisions
Lecture 15Central Government Part I
Lecture 16Central Government Part II
Lecture 17Central Government Part III
Lecture 18Central Government Part IV
Lecture 19State Government Part I
Lecture 20State Government Part II
Lecture 21Judiciary
Lecture 22Special Provisions for States
Lecture 23Local Government
Lecture 24Constitutional Bodies Part I
Lecture 25Constitutional Bodies Part II
Lecture 26Non Constitutional Bodies
Section 2International Relation
Section 3History
Lecture 28Introduction to Indian History

Introduction To Indian History

Lecture 29Rastrakutas



Lecture 30Pratiharas
Lecture 31Cholas
Lecture 32
Lecture 33
Lecture 34
Lecture 35
Section 4Economics
Lecture 36Introduction to Indian Economics

Introduction to Indian Economics

Lecture 37
Lecture 38
Lecture 39
Lecture 40
Lecture 41
Section 5Current Affairs

How to study Current Affairs?

Section 6Geography

Introduction to Geography